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SCOTUS mercury decision pointless - "But the work of preventing mercury from poisoning pregnant women.. will proceed"

06/29/2015 10:37 PM

Tell us again how solar is too expensive? RFP nets long-term contracts for PV under 4 cents per kWh

06/29/2015 10:13 PM

RT @businessinsider: Tesla's massive Gigafactory in Nevada is ahead of schedule - By @greencarreports…

06/29/2015 10:11 PM

RT @MikeGrunwald: The Kagan dissent makes a strong point: How do you calculate the costs of regulations before you know what the regulation…

06/29/2015 10:07 PM

RT @MikeGrunwald: Kagan: "Simply put, calculating costs before starting to write a regulation would put the cart before the horse."

06/29/2015 10:07 PM

RT @MikeGrunwald: So the Court ruled EPA was wrong not to consider costs before it considered costs. I'll file this under "pure applesauce."

06/29/2015 10:07 PM

RT @MikeGrunwald: Coal is still screwed, despite the weird Court decision. My latest @politicoagenda:

06/29/2015 10:06 PM

RT @Earthjustice: Robert Redford: Time to step up game on climate change>

06/29/2015 10:04 PM

RT @IvanUrlaub: Chapel Hill's Strata Solar targets military veterans in recent hiring spree - Triangle Business Journal…

06/29/2015 9:16 PM

Everything is bigger in Texas...except solar prices, which are vanishingly small. Austin say RFP resulted in < 4c/kwh

06/29/2015 9:13 PM