Help Wanted: Legislators with vision to help bring the solar jobs

Posted by Gwen Rose

Help Wanted

Vote Solar is launching a series of fictional, tongue-in-cheek classified ads this week to highlight the significant employment opportunities that a strong solar market would provide. The ads will be featured in major newpapers in Florida, Nevada and Texas and call for bold solar energy policies and legislators with vision.

The key message is simple: These job listings may be fictional, but the opportunity they represent is very real. Development of a local solar infrastructure creates local employment opportunities and an in-state energy economy.

Solar generates more jobs per megawatt (MW) than any other energy technology. Solar employment opportunities cover nearly every education level and salary requirement. The diverse spectrum of jobs created includes electrical work, structural engineering, construction, sales, marketing, finance and legal services.

We’re asking people to help contact their state legislators to push for strong solar policies that will bring the solar jobs. See the individual state campaign pages below for more information:

Help Wanted, Florida:
Help Wanted, Nevada:
Help Wanted, Texas: