Test your solar IQ

We were at Intersolar North America last week talking to experienced solar folks and newbies alike about U.S. solar policy.

Our Solar I.Q. Test had conference-goers lining up to check their solar know-how.  By popular request, I am posting the questions and answers here.  Shout out to Garrett Hering of Photon Magazine – the only quiz taker to answer all six questions correctly.  (We weren’t surprised.) Go ahead and see how you stack up:

1.    Name five of the top ten solar states (by cumulative PV capacity installed)?

2.    Name 3 states where PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing is allowed?

3.    Who is the largest buyer of central station solar in the United States?

4.    What type of solar thermal electric technology has the largest commercial deployment in the world?

5.    Under a provision of the ARRA or Stimulus bill, the Solar Investment Tax Credit can be taken as a cash grant.  When is the deadline to apply?

6.    What is the current net metering enrollment cap in California and when is the state expected to start reaching that limit?


1. Top 10 states rank as follows:

1. California
2. New Jersey
3. Colorado
4. Nevada
5. Arizona
6. New York
7. Hawaii
8. Connecticut
9. Oregon
10. Massachusetts

Source: Larry Sherwood IREC Solar Market Trends 2008

2. Colorado, Virginia, California, Texas, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Ohio

3. Southern California Edison (SCE)

4. Parabolic Trough

5. October 1, 2011 total fund is $3 billion

6. 2.5 % and within 12 months