SCE adds 250 MW of PV, below the cost of a combined cycle gas turbine

For the past few years, Southern California Edison had a feed-in tariff for renewables up to 20 MW in size, priced at the MPR (250 MW total per year).  It’s called the Renewable Standard Contract program.  In 2009, they did 140 MW of PV…the rest a bit of wind, a bit of biomass.

This year, they shifted from a fixed-price to a competitive solicitation.  Result: all 250 MW is PV, all below the MPR (the Market Price Referent is the an annual calculation of the 20 year levelized cost of energy of a combined cycle gas turbine).  See the advice letter filing, here (pdf).  Signficantly, SCE reports that it received over 2.5 GW in bids.

That’s a lot of solar, at a good price.