Update to RAM Contracts — 145 MW total

SDG&E has now submitted their advice letter asking approval for their first renewable auction mechanism contracts.  Letter is here (pdf).  Add that to the other utilities’ results, and we’re at 145 MW for the statewide total of the first RAM round.

Some details from SDG&E’s effort:

  • 2 projects were selected, totalling 15 MW (SDG&E’s requirement is for 81 MW over the next 2 years)
  • Both PV
  • Silverado is the developer of both
  • 32 bids were submitted, most in the 5-10 MW range
  • The weighted average of the highest executed contract price from each of the three utilities for RAM projects is $89.23/MWh (added: price is pre-Time of Delivery adjustments)
  • Did you read that?  Highest is 8.9 cents per kWh for 20 year contract.  That’s really low.

They’ve got 18 months to come on line.