34,000 Californians said YES to fair solar (have you?)

Our net metering coalition set a goal of sending 20,000 emails asking for a YES vote on fair solar credit at the California Public Utilities Commission. We were blown away by the response. More than 34,000 Californians have urged the CPUC to support the pro-solar plan! So let’s double down . . .

Can we send 40,000 emails to the CPUC by May 15? We say YES!

The utilities are now fighting tooth and nail against your outpouring of pro-solar messages. They are walking the halls of the CPUC every day – even spreading false and misleading information in their attempts to restrict California customer access to fair solar net metering. Our grassroots voices can counter their influence.

Net metering gives solar customers fair credit on their utility bills for valuable clean power they put back on the grid. It’s like rollover minutes for solar. There is a cap on the amount of net metering that utilities must make available to customers – beyond that cap, there’s no guarantee that utilities will continue to allow new solar customers to net meter. California’s law sets the cap at “5 percent of aggregate customer peak demand,” but does not specify how utilities should calculate that number. And guess what . . . some utilities are using a more restrictive methodology that results in almost half the amount of net metering than the original law intended. Not good.

The state regulators at the CPUC have proposed closing that loophole and requiring utilities to calculate net metering participation in a way that results in more Californians having access to the program’s bill saving credits. Now we just need them to approve that proposal later this month with a resounding YES.

This is so important that we’ve upped our goal to 40,000 emails to the Commission. It’s a big goal for a decision with even bigger consequences for California solar. So please tell your friends, family, and neighbors in California to take action today and urge the commission to vote YES on fair net metering.