The elections are over- time to Do SUNthing!

champinGuest post from Wyatt Roy, Sungevity.

The elections are finally over and its time our politicians get to work on the promises they made during the campaign.

In November, nature cast her vote with Hurricane Sandy, demonstrating the destructive potential of lackluster energy reform. Unfortunately, even the loss of life and billions of dollars in damage caused by the storm isn’t going to be enough to enact real change for our nation’s energy policy in Washington. That’s why our friends at Sungevity started a new campaign called the Do SUNthing pledge.

The Do SUNthing pledge asks everyone to become a renewable energy champion by signing the pledge and taking one (or all) of four actions:
1) Going solar
2) Asking your representative to support renewable energy
3) Reading up on solar power (with books like “Rooftop Revolution”)
4) Volunteering (with folks like Rooftop Revolution, Vote Solar, or your local solar group)


Everyone can be a renewable energy champion in some way, whether it’s simply sharing this post or educating yourself on the real facts about solar (including how it can save the vast majority of homeowners money and how the solar industry is helping save the U.S. economy by creating jobs that can’t be outsourced).

You can support this effort by taking the pledge, doing SUNthing, and sharing it with your friends.

Together we can steer our country toward a brighter energy future!

Wyatt Roy is the Brand Engagement Specialist at Sungevity and is a solar champion at heart!