In memoriam: Becky Tarbotton

BeckyFriends, we lost a good one. One of the very best. As you may have heard, Becky Tarbotton, a dear friend and colleague, recently passed away.

There’s no making sense of the death of a friend — and especially so when it’s someone so vibrant, so young, and so…well, alive.

She packed a lot of living into her 39 years. Her life was one exceptionally well lived, and if there’s any consolation to be had, it’s that.

She’s both a rockstar in the environmental community–admired for her leadership and effectiveness–and at the same time one of the funnest, most engaging of people I’ve ever known. I suspect the two are not unrelated.

This Toronto Star column captures her very well.

And RAN’s site has a beautiful tribute.

And the video at the bottom of this Forbes article is a must-see. Becky’s vision must live on.

The lessons I take from her are these: A life well lived is full of both work and fun. Take on big challenges, and fight to win. Take time for quiet. Adventure, always. Bourbon and tea are not mutually incompatible.

Becky left deep tracks. Follow them to know her joy.

Goodbye, Becky. We are really going to miss you.

-Adam + the Vote Solar Team

Becky at Equinox parties over the years: