Release: New York in Top 5 States for Solar Jobs

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New Research Shows New York in Top 5 States for Solar Jobs

New York moves up two spots as solar market grows statewide

Albany, N.Y. – February 11, 2014 –The solar industry experienced record-breaking job growth across the U.S. last year, including in New York which jumped from number seven to number five in the nation according to new research by The Solar Foundation (TSF).

“Local solar means local jobs, and New York’s commitment to solar is delivering those jobs up and down the state,” said Peter Olmsted, East Coast Regional Director for Vote Solar, a national solar advocacy group. “With the suite of exciting policies being pursued by the Governor, including a 10-year extension of the NY-Sun Initiative, the state can expect to see continued growth in solar employment along with the other many benefits of a stronger, more resilient solar powered New York.”

“Governor Cuomo’s leadership and vision through the NY Sun Initiative has led New York to become the fifth ranking state in jobs per capita, with over five-thousand solar industry jobs in 2013,” said David Sandbank, Vice President of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) and President of Bronx-based OnForce Solar. “In the past year alone, OnForce Solar’s workforce has increased from 25 employees to 55 working to design, engineer, finance and install solar for customers throughout the state.”

New York boasts more than 5,000 solar jobs joining neighboring New Jersey and Massachusetts as national leaders rivaling southern states like Arizona, Florida and Texas.

Better-established solar markets like Massachusetts and New York both grew by nearly 50 percent while developing markets in North Carolina and Georgia doubled their solar jobs.  Strong policy in Georgia has led to a rapid increase in installation jobs, whereas increasing market maturity led to gains in New York for jobs related to legal and financial services.

“Our state solar jobs research this year clearly shows that solar energy can be harnessed anywhere, and that growth rates are not necessarily associated with geography, total amount of sunshine, or political party,” said Andrea Luecke, Executive Director and President of TSF.

Statistics on all 50 states can be found on TSF’s interactive map, available at

State solar employment figures were generated using thousands of data points from a combination of high-quality sources, including TSF’s highly-acclaimed National Solar Jobs Census 2013, the Solar Energy Industries Association’s National Solar Database, and other sources. While the margin of error for some of the smaller solar jobs states remains wide, these numbers are believed to be the most credible and up-to-date state-level solar jobs numbers in existence. The National Solar Jobs Census 2013 was conducted by TSF and BW Research Partnership with support from The George Washington University’s Solar Institute.  The National Solar Jobs Census 2013 and separate district-level Census reports for California, Arizona and Minnesota, are available at
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The Solar Foundation® (TSF) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to increase understanding of solar energy through strategic research that educates the public and transforms markets. Since 2010, TSF has published its annual National Solar Jobs Census, which established the first credible solar jobs base line for the U.S. TSF is considered the nation’s authority on the solar labor force and advises many organizations on the topic. TSF is also a leading provider of educational materials on the economic impacts of solar for local governments through its work with the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition, TSF chairs the National Solar Schools Consortium, a group of stakeholders seeking to make solar a larger part of the national K-12 system. More at