Thanks to policy leadership, the Golden State is the most robust and diverse solar market in the United States. The state has more than 8.5 GW of solar capacity currently installed, enough to power nearly two million homes. The growing solar industry currently employs more than 54,000 Californians — more than the state’s major utilities combined.

Protecting Rooftop Solar:

This year, regulators at the CPUC will decide whether or not to change our successful net metering program, one of the most important state policies for empowering Californians to go solar and save. Net metering makes sure that consumers get fair credit on their utility bills for the valuable solar energy they deliver to the grid for use nearby. This clean local power reduces the need for expensive, polluting utility infrastructure, which delivers health, environmental and economic benefits throughout California’s communities. But now big utilities are lobbying to rewrite the net metering rules and make solar a bad deal for its customers.

We are urging the PUC to protect net metering and continue to build on California’s great solar success story. Add your voice by signing our petition!


Raising the Bar to 50% Renewables:

Most utilities in the state are already well on their way to achieving California’s existing 33% renewable energy goal. So what’s next? We raise the bar.

In his inaugural address, Governor Brown announced plans to generate half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030. If we achieve 50% renewables by 2030, we’ll add tens of thousands of good new jobs across the state, create a safer and cleaner power grid and keep leading the world on greenhouse gas reductions. And now it’s up to the California legislature to take the next step. We are working to build lawmaker support for a strong new renewable energy goal that will keep California’s clean energy growth on track.

Building a Modern Grid:

The grid – and the policies and procedures that govern its operation – were designed for centralized fossil generators delivering to captive customers. We aim to build a better energy system that’s powered by reliable renewable sources and empowers consumer participation like never before. In order to achieve that bold vision in a way that maximizes benefits and limits costs for Californians, we need a modern electric grid that makes smart use of the suite of available technologies – including electric vehicles and energy storage. We are working to help state regulators rethink the way our grid is planned and operated to support that clean energy future.  

Vote Solar’s leads for California are Susannah Churchill and Jim Baak.