PetitionDid you know that Massachusetts is one of our nation’s solar powerhouses? In the last year alone, the state more than doubled the amount electricity it gets from sunshine. In fact, 100% of all new generation in 2013 was solar power.

A program called net metering is one of the most important reasons for the state’s solar success. Net metering makes sure Bay Staters get fair, full credit on their energy bills for valuable clean electricity they deliver to the grid. It’s fair, it’s working & now it’s at risk.

State law needlessly caps the amount of net metering that utilities must make available to their customers. Schools and local governments are already hitting this cap, with private businesses not far behind. Net metering means that schools are going solar to save on their power bills and direct precious limited resources to the classroom. It means that cities and counties are leading their communities on clean energy while keeping budgets in check. It means that Massachusetts is reducing the need for expensive and polluting power plants and grid infrastructure, which in turn means savings for all energy customers. Hitting the net metering cap means slamming the brakes on all those solar benefits.

Now the good news: State lawmakers are considering legislation that would lift the net metering cap and keep Massachusetts going solar. If you live in the Bay State, speak up for rooftop solar by signing our petition to state legislators.

Press release:

Advocates Urge Mass Lawmakers to Expand Successful Rooftop Solar Program – March 11, 2014