Tell Your Legislators: No Sunset for Solar!


Massachusetts legislators have to decide today whether the solar industry will be open for business and thriving across the Commonwealth in 2016 or whether they will need to take the year off. The House has passed a bill that will block future solar development for Massachusetts. Now it will be up to the Senate to fix it, and for the House to agree to a stronger bill. That is why we need you to tell your legislators: don’t let the sun set on Massachusetts solar!

Your voice is critical to the future of solar in Massachusetts.

Make two quick calls urging your Senator and Representative to demand a better bill!

1) Call your Senator and Representative:

Dial the number below and ask to be put through to your Senator, then redial and as for your Representative (you can give them your address if you don’t know the names of your state legislator or find it here.).

  • State House Switchboard (617) 722-2000

2) Say:

I’m a constituent and a solar [worker / customer / supporter]. Solar is delivering real economic and environmental benefits to my community. I am calling to say that I do not support the bill passed by the House, S. 1979, because it will stop future solar growth in the Commonwealth and deprive us of the significant benefits of solar. I urge you to publicly raise these concerns with the bill and call for stronger action to enable solar. Will you join me in calling for a stronger bill publicly, through a letter or press release?

Feel free to add your own sunny solar story! Why do you care about solar success in Massachusetts? Personalize your appeal to have a bigger impact.

3) Report back:

Let us know what they said! Email [email protected] your legislators’ response so we track progress.

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