This Saturday, June 21st, marks the longest day of the year - one that has long held special significance. Ancient Greeks considered it the start of the new year. Vikings had bonfires. Mayans built temples. We're going to celebrate all that sunlight with the #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action.  We're joining with over 30 Groups and potentially Millions of People in marking Saturday as a day for celebrating solar energy.

Put solar on it

We're hoping you decide to speak up on Saturday too!

Why speaking up matters

Solar’s radically disruptive promise is that it can put energy decisions in the hands of the people.  It’s democracy in environmental decision-making -- and like democracy itself, it’s only powerful if you participate.  Vote Solar is one of dozens of organizations across the country that are speaking up for solar - and we hope you'll join us. Here are three ways you can get involved in the Day of Action:

  • #PutSolarOnIt with policy: Anti-solar interests are big and powerful, but they are not winning. We are. That's because - in state after state and fight after fight - people like you are speaking up for solar. Sign our Solar Rights Petition to make your voice heard in the policy decisions that impact solar in your state.
  • #PutSolarOnIt with friends: Shared one too many cat pictures lately? Use social media for the powers of good by showing friends that you support solar. Use the new "I Like Solar" app to add some sunshine to your Facebook profile. Yep. There's an app for that.
  • #PutSolarOnIt in your community: Help a school or organization in your hometown go solar. Now you can kickstart a local solar project on a place that matters to you. Check it out -- it's a pretty awesome tool.

Birds are for hipsters. Solar is for everyone. #PutSolarOnIt and you are taking direct action to make the world a better place.