We’re fighting to expand solar opportunity in 26 states, and we’ve scored huge wins for solar, healthy air and local jobs across the nation this year. Together we can move boldly toward a 100% clean energy future for all 50 states. Are you with us?

Hundreds of Vote Solar supporters are making year-end gifts to keep our country moving forward with clean energy. Will you join them and say “Yes, I Vote Solar!” with a gift of $10, $25 or more to continue the fight for solar progress?

Progress in this era is not easy, but it is possible. Despite federal attacks, Vote Solar continues to win for clean energy at the state level, where policymakers and voters agree that solar power just makes sense. 

This year, New Jersey and Nevada both took major steps to get 50 percent of their power from renewable sources, and California — the world’s 5th largest economy — made history by raising that bar to 100 percent clean energy. We defended the rights of 60,000 solar-powered homes and businesses and created new opportunities for affordable solar to serve 100,000 low-income and underserved families nationwide. 

All of that new solar energy will create local jobs, cleaner air to breathe, and a brighter world for our children and future generations. For me, this is all proof that together we are capable of truly great things. 

So how did we do it? We walked the long halls of state capitol buildings to educate lawmakers, and we went toe to toe with our opponent’s high-paid lobbyists in front of regulators. We supported partners and community leaders with trainings, workshops, and resources so that they could take their own rightful seats at the energy decision-making table. And of course, we worked to give solar supporters like you ways to raise your voices for clean energy progress.

WE Vote Solar