Transitioning away from the fossil-based infrastructure we rely on today will require intentional planning and investment. Vote Solar aims to rethink grid planning and operation to bolster the amount of renewable resources powering our grid in a way that minimizes costs and maximizes environmental benefits. 

Distribution power lines


  • DRP and IDER proceedings - Influence common hosting capacity methodology and location net benefits of DERs for California IOUs
  • IRP – Support integration of localized solar and DER profiles into IRP models; Influence forward cost solar cost assumption to be used in IRP scenarios; support integration of solar generation with EV charging
  • SCE GRC – Prevent SCE grid modernization investment from impacting opportunities for DERs
  • CAISO – Support regionalization of CAISO to enable further solar growth in California and reduce need for Intermountain coal power plants
  • WECC Scenario Planning – Shift focus of regional planning to grid flexibility to accommodate variable output generation

New York

  • DSIP proceeding – Influence hosting capacity analysis, interconnection automation, criteria for use of DERs as alternative to distribution system upgrades


  • Solar settlement agreement follow-up on determining solar and storage avoided costs


  • IRP and Renewable Energy Standard review – Expand use of solar and storage as an alternative to fossil power plant repowering; Support fair DER valuation and long-term forecasts


  • Coordinate with energy storage advocates on grid integration and rate design, NEM and incentives.