Docket D.P.U. 17-140 - Joint petition of Electric Distribution Companies for Approval of Model Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Tariff Pursuant to an Act Relative to Solar Energy

Direct Testimony of Nathan Phelps - February 2018

Surrebuttal Testimony of Nathan Phelp February 2018

Docket D.P.U. 17-05 - Petition of NSTAR Electric Company and Western Massachusetts Electric Company, each doing business as Eversource Energy, pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 94 and 220 C.M.R. § 5.00 et seq., for approval of general increases in Base Distribution Rates for Electric Service and a Performance Based Ratemaking Mechanism.

Direct Testimony - May 2017 

Surrebuttal Testimony - May 2017

Direct Testimony Regarding the Revised Rate Design Proposal - August 2017

Surrebuttal Testimony Regarding the Revised Rate Design Proposal - August 2017

Joint Solar Industry Comments on SMART Regulations - July 2017

Comments on Minimum Monthly Reliability Charge following Technical Conference before MA DPU - November 2016

Minimum Monthly Reliability Contribution Clean Energy Stakeholders Presentation Before MA DPU Technical Conference - October 2016

Comments on the extension of SREC II during the transition before MA DOER - September 2016

Comments on Emergency Regulations As A Result of An Act Relative to Solar Energy Before MA DPU - June 2016

Initial Brief on National Grid rate increase before MA DPU - June 2016

Testimony on National Grid Case before MA DPU - March 2016

Docket D.P.U. 15-155 Investigation by the Department of Public Utilities on its own motion as to the propriety of the rates and charges proposed by Massachusetts Electric Company and Nantucket Electric Company in their petition for approval of an increase in base distribution rates for electric service.

Direct Testimony - March 2016