As wildfires and other climate-related disasters become a more frequent and devastating part of our lives, California must build a power grid that is more reliable, resilient and safe. The Solar Bill of Rights will help create our stronger energy future, but opponents of solar progress are lobbying against this critical bill. We need Californians to make sure your State Senators know that voters like you support a safer solar-powered California.

Solar Bill of Rights Conference

Speaking: Solar Bill of Rights co-author Senator Jim Nielsen, who represents Paradise and the surrounding communities that were devastated by last year’s Camp Fire.

When Californians choose to install solar and storage at their home or business, they’re helping reduce harmful pollution and build a more resilient grid for all of us.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep the way clear for Californians like you to quickly and easily invest in those safer, cleaner options if you so choose. The bipartisan Solar Bill of Rights has strong support from California’s firefighters, farmers, school officials, the building trades, and so many others - but the big monopoly utilities are working to stop the bill, once again looking out for their bottom line rather than the public interest.

We’ve seen just how costly and risky that old utility system is - and we know it’s time for a change. And we've shown the nation and the world that California can lead the way on clean energy. Lawmakers listened to California voters last year and set a 100% clean electricity target by 2045.

The Solar Bill of Rights will face its first big vote soon in the Senate Energy Committee. Let's keep California's historic progress moving forward.

Urge your Senator to vote YES for solar rights and a safer, stronger clean energy California.

Support #SolarRights in California!

Californians - Tell your State Senator: Support the Solar Bill of Rights!

The Solar Bill of Rights will help build a stronger energy future for California by ensuring that California’s families, schools, businesses and others have the right to:

  • Make, store and use solar energy on their own property without interference from the utility.

  • Connect solar and storage to the grid quickly without utility red tape.

  • Be free from discriminatory fees and charges associated with installing and using clean onsite energy.

  • Contribute to the safety and reliability of their local energy grid, and be fairly compensated for that valuable contribution.

Call on your State Senator to vote for the Solar Bill of Rights.


WATCH: How the bipartisan bill will build a stronger & more resilient California! We joined leaders Senator Scott Wiener and Senator Jim Nielsen along with firefighters, farmers, families, and statewide partners in the fight for California Solar Rights:

Vote Solar CA

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