California Makes History 

Today Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 100, which will raise California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 60 percent and transition the state to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Following is a statement from Adam Browning, Vote Solar’s Executive Director, celebrating SB 100's passage:

“Today, California made history.

This is the biggest and most important climate action to date in the United States. 

Big because California is big. Important because it sets a new bar for what’s possible, and because it is replicable. This year New Jersey committed to 50% renewables, and in November voters in both Arizona and Nevada will decide whether their own state should do the same. This is a revolution of evolution, and it’s happening across the country.


We applaud Governor Brown and all of the lawmakers who acted on behalf of their constituents, answered the overwhelming call for an economy powered entirely by clean energy, and demonstrated democracy at its best.

California has long been the home of big thinkers, innovators, and change-makers, and with SB100 we’ll be unleashing that entrepreneurial spirit to solve the existential challenge of climate change. Together we can and must build a 21st-century energy economy that benefits everyone. Let the nation and the world take note: a bright, prosperous and 100 percent clean energy future is 100 percent possible.

When the world’s 5th largest economy votes to go 100% clean, there’s no room left for the naysayers to say it can’t be done.”


Vote Solar supports SB 100 as part of the California 100% Clean Energy Coalition, a broad movement of communities and organizations across the state working together to achieve our collective vision for 100 percent. Visit www.CA100.orgto learn more.

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