Today, the Connecticut House passed Senate Bill (SB) 9, which threatens consumer solar options and renewable energy job growth in the state by rolling back the state’s successful net metering program. SB 9 was passed by the Senate earlier this week and now moves to the Governor.

Following is a statement from Sean Garren, senior northeast director for the non-profit advocacy group Vote Solar:

“This bill is sadly misguided. Connecticut pays some of the highest electricity costs in the nation, and rooftop solar investment provides a much needed opportunity for families and businesses to manage those bills while lowering the overall cost of the utility system for everyone - and helping us fight climate change as well.

There is no question that SB 9 will have a significant negative impact on Connecticut. Experience in others states like Nevada that have made similar anti-solar moves proves that this bill will put local investment and good jobs at risk. The bill has already faced massive public outcry from Connecticut energy customers who overwhelmingly want solar options, with 14,000 petitions delivered to the Legislature asking to open up access to solar rather than restricting customer choice. 

Our own polling shows that more than three out of four Connecticut voters want to expand solar options, and this bill would move the state in the exact opposite direction. We will continue to do everything we can to reverse this anti-solar, anti-consumer bill for the people of Connecticut.”


source: Survey of Connecticut voters, Public Policy Polling - June 2017 

About Vote Solar: 

Vote Solar is a non-profit organization working to lower solar costs and expand solar access in states nationwide. Vote Solar advocates for policies and programs needed to repower our electric grid with clean energy. Learn more at


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