“DTE’s fifteen-year plan is downright dangerous,” warned Shimekia Nichols, lifelong Detroiter, mother of two and energy equity advocate. Michigan needs to listen. We were proud to stand with Shimekia and more concerned residents at a recent crucial hearing in Detroit that will help decide Michigan’s energy future.


Pictured: Shimekia Nichols with participants in the Detroit hearing.

Vote Solar joined with environmental justice leaders, clean energy businesses, ratepayer advocacy organizations, conservation leaders and more at the hearing in Detroit, calling on the Michigan Public Service Commission to ensure DTE Energy makes clean, renewable energy a focus of its long-term energy plan.

Michigan community members raised their voices to regulators who are considering whether to approve DTE Energy’s proposed energy roadmap, which will impact the state for a generation. For those who know DTE’s track record, it will be no surprise that it’s full of more polluting gas, and falls far short on the solar and wind Michigan families need.

Michigan DTE customers: Stand with Shimekia and your Michigan neighbors. Say NO to DTE’s dirty energy plan for Michigan and YES to a people-powered clean energy future with healthy, job-creating solar and wind.

At Soulardarity, Shimekia Nichols works to build a more just energy future for Highland Park, Michigan with people-powered clean energy. In Detroit, she called on DTE Energy to work for all their customers — including low-income families, communities of color and seniors on fixed incomes who face high energy bills and bear the heaviest impacts of pollution and climate change.

WATCH: More speakers - Ms. Margaret Louis on her unaffordable energy bills, and solar industry voice Diane Van Buren.

Many of DTE’s two million energy customers struggle with high energy bills, pollution, and unreliable power leading to life-threatening shutoffs. But rather than serve communities with bold investments in reliable, affordable clean energy, the utility giant wants to prop up its own profits with more big, expensive, polluting gas plants. That’s more dirty power that contributes to climate change and threatens Michigan air and water, more corporate profits and sweetheart deals for DTE’s gas pipeline business fewer clean energy and efficiency options for Michigan families.

We believe DTE can do much better. So we’re working with a broad coalition to drive the message home to the Michigan Public Service Commission: State regulators should hold DTE accountable to the Michiganders it’s supposed to serve. Michigan needs good local jobs and healthy community solutions for a new clean economy, opportunities to reduce dependence on DTE’s fossil mix, and a more just and equitable energy future for all.

Thanks to Shimekia and other leaders from Soulardarity, Work For Me DTE, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, Engage Michigan and many more who are powering communities to fight for Michigan's energy future. Together we can hold DTE accountable, and set the people’s agenda for a 100% clean energy Michigan.

If you’re a DTE customer in Michigan, here’s what you can do to get involved and stay informed:

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