Nevada lawmakers need to hear your support for solar progress in the Silver State

In March, state senators introduced Community Solar Bill SB 392 which, if passed, would expand solar energy access to more Nevada residents, particularly low-income families. The bill will increase solar opportunities for consumers, create local jobs, and improve energy security in Nevada. 

Make your voice heard directly by Nevada legislators

1) Visit Nevada's "Share Your Opinion on Bills" website:

2) Find "Select a Bill" dropdown menu under "Bill Information and Opinion" and select SB392

3) Next to "Your View," select "Support" (positive comments are optional, but not needed!)

4) Fill out your name and address form to let the legislature know you're a Nevada resident

5) Click submit!

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Cost-competitive solar power deliver tremendous benefits, but the traditional panels-on-your-roof approach to solar simply does not work for many of Nevada’s energy consumers. Families who rent, and those with shaded rooftops face barriers to participation.  

Community Solar Bill SB392 would allow customers to subscribe to a solar project located somewhere else in their community and earn credit on their utility bills for their portion of the clean power produced. The bill includes specific provisions to ensure that low-income families are able to participate in and benefit from the program. This statewide program would connect more Nevadans with the solar power they want and spur additional investment in Nevada’s new energy economy.

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