Nevada is one of the sunniest states in the nation, and the people of Nevada overwhelmingly want to put more of that plentiful sunshine to work producing clean electricity and local jobs. That’s why Vote Solar's affiliated organization, The Vote Solar Action Fund, is proud to be working with a strong and diverse local coalition to support Question 6, a Nevada ballot measure that would more than double the amount of clean energy on the state’s grid.  

By voting YES on 6, Nevadans will guarantee that 50 percent of the state’s electricity would come from renewable energy sources like wind and solar by 2030 (up from only 20 percent today).

The measure achieves this goal by increasing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), a policy that sets clear targets for the state's electric suppliers to produce a certain amount of their total electricity from renewable sources.

We are saying YES on 6 because we know a strong RPS is one of the best ways to ensure more Nevadans get what they want: clean energy from homegrown local resources, not dirty and expensive fracked, drilled, or mined fossil fuels from out of state.

In addition to Question 6, there is another energy-related ballot measure: Question 3, which would restructure Nevada’s electricity market and change the rules for who provides electricity in the state. While it’s unprecedented to have two energy-related questions on the same ballot, it is important to know that Question 6 is the ONLY ballot question that will guarantee more renewables.  

To be clear, Question 6 is about what type of electricity you get. Question 3 is about who supplies your energy. No matter who provides power in the coming years, Question 6 is an accountability measure to GUARANTEE that utility companies provide customers with more renewable electricity.

Question 6 will benefit Nevada’s economy, our health, and our air quality while ensuring we build a better state for future generations. The measure will create tens of thousands of jobs by taking advantage of Nevada’s abundant sunshine and the low-costs of new solar projects. Question 6 will help remove millions of metric tons of pollution from our air and save Nevada families $20 million on healthcare costs every year. Lastly, it ensures that we stop spending $700 million every year on fossil fuels from other states to power our grid and start investing in resources that will build a healthier, stronger Nevada for many years to come.

It’s incredibly exciting that Nevadans will have the opportunity to vote for that brighter future for their families and future generations at the ballot this fall. Learn more about the campaign, and tell everyone in Nevada to vote YES on 6 for the sun!

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