State Elected Officials Join Million Solar Strong Campaign to Urge Goal of 1,000,000 Solar Households, Including 100,000 Low Income Households, Across New York

Suffolk County elected officials are joining advocates to urge New York State to support the bold new goal of powering one million New York households, including 100,000 low-income households, with solar by 2023. The effort is being organized by the Million Solar Strong Campaign, a movement of leading industry, environmental, clean energy and community organizations. The campaign is gaining momentum with a growing number of prominent state and local leaders endorsing the call for more New York solar.  

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"Investing in green technology is a common sense way to protect our environment and ensure our long-term economic success. New York State can be a leader in the new economy by investing wisely in renewable resources and green jobs today. I am proud to  promote greater use of sustainable energy sources like solar power because I know that these good jobs will help ensure Long Island and New York State thrive for generations to come," said Senator John Brooks.

“Our reliance on fossil fuels has greatly contributed to the deterioration of some of our finest natural resources. With rising costs of living and a rapidly-changing climate, it’s essential for New York to take the lead and commit to investing in clean, renewable energy like solar so that we can grow our local communities and protect our environment,” said Assembly Member Kimberly Jean-Pierre.

“I proudly support Million Solar Strong’s vision for our energy future, and applaud their goal of powering one million New York households with solar by 2023, including 100,000 low-income households. These efforts will help combat climate change, reduce emissions and build a more environmentally-friendly, resilient and affordable energy system. It is imperative that we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and support initiatives that seek to advance New York’s clean energy future – one that is available to all New Yorkers, regardless of income level,” said Assembly Member Fred Thiele.

“It is so important that we preserve our precious environment both now and for generations to come. Solar is a critical part of the smart renewable energy mix we need to ensure efficient and reliable service for our local communities.  As a member of the Assembly Energy Committee, I will continue to support a clean, affordable and environmentally-friendly energy policy that benefits all of our residents throughout New York State,” said Assembly Member Steve Stern.

Making New York ‘One Million Solar Strong’ is the most important thing Governor Cuomo can do to protect and strengthen New York’s significant progress on solar. New York currently has over 200,000 households powered by solar and 9,000 workers in the fast-growing solar industry. Powering one million New York households with solar will generate jobs, reduce and stabilize utility bills, stimulate local investment, cut harmful air pollution, accelerate an equitable transition to our clean energy future, and counter the Trump administration’s attacks.

The coalition is calling on Governor Cuomo to institute and support concrete policies to reach the one million solar strong goal. The coalition has released two roadmaps outlining robust policy recommendations to achieve the goal of one million households and one hundred thousand low-income households powered by solar, including:

  • Fair customer compensation

  • Drive accelerated and diverse solar growth

  • Facilitate affordable financing for solar growth, especially for new market sectors and underserved communities

  • Make solar a win-win for municipalities and customers

  • Ensure the modern grid and solar serve each other

  • Expand access for low-income, environmental justice and other underserved communities

The Million Solar Strong Coalition is a movement of industry, environmental, clean energy and community organizations united by the vision of a strong clean energy economy that works for all New Yorkers. Visit to learn more about the campaign calling on Governor Cuomo to adopt a goal of one million solar households by 2023 and to read the policy roadmaps.


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