America is 2 Million Solar Strong!

Today we are joining forces with partners across the country to celebrate an amazing clean energy milestone — our nation’s TWO MILLIONTH solar installation. Spread the word that America is #2MillionSolarStrong! America is #2MillionSolarStrong! Together, we're part of a powerful movement of solar customers, workers, policymakers, innovators, and supporters who made this milestone possible. Show ...


Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey at Vote Solar

Today the Solar Energy Industries Association and The Solar Foundation are launching a report, a diversity challenge, and a number of other initiatives designed to start an important conversation about what the solar industry is doing to address diversity and inclusion. I am proud of these organizations for recognizing the work the solar industry needs ...

Net Metering

Like rollover minutes for a cell phone, net metering gives solar energy customers full credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they contribute to the grid.

This simple billing arrangement is one of the most important state policies for helping Americans generate their own power from the sun. By encouraging private investment in local solar power, it’s creating jobs, reducing utility costs, and building a cleaner energy future for us all.