No way out but through: Latest progress for energy justice & solar rights

I’m writing this from my home in Oakland, California -- where we’ve been blasted by a record heat storm, the air is like licking an ashtray, and firefighters have been battling some of the largest fires in state history. Over two million acres burned, and it isn’t even fire season yet.. This is what climate ...

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“Nobody deserves this” Why I Fight for Energy Justice

My road to Vote Solar took me from the basement of my childhood home to the church basements and government halls of New York, and back to the Bay State. As Northeast Director here at Vote Solar, I’m working toward building a better future where solar power is there for everyone who needs it. Northeast ...

Net Metering

Like rollover minutes for a cell phone, net metering gives solar energy customers full credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they contribute to the grid.

This simple billing arrangement is one of the most important state policies for helping Americans generate their own power from the sun. By encouraging private investment in local solar power, it’s creating jobs, reducing utility costs, and building a cleaner energy future for us all.