Rocky Mountain Power is trying to change the rules on solar customers again. So we’re teaming up with people like you to gather the data we need to support fair rates for rooftop solar in Utah. If you have rooftop solar, please take 2 minutes out of your day to join the Solar Study.


RMP will be proposing rate changes that will impact new solar customers in 2021 and existing solar customers like you as soon as 2032. These new rules could raise energy bills for solar powered households and businesses statewide, and could put our 6,000 local solar jobs, clean air, and continued renewable energy progress at risk.

As one of Utah’s more than 30,000 solar customers, your voice is especially powerful in this fight for solar rights. Vote Solar, a non-profit organization dedicated to making solar more accessible and more affordable, have intervened in this case to advocate for fair rates and solar opportunity. With that goal in mind, Vote Solar is conducting a study to prove that rooftop solar systems like yours benefit all Utahns and our electric grid. That’s where you come in…

You can join other solar customers in helping to protect Utah solar rights by agreeing to participate in the study. Participation is easy and safe. Vote Solar will just be looking at how and when you use electricity and generate solar energy. Your data will help paint a picture of how solar customers in Utah use energy and provide benefits to the grid. This data is critical to make the case for fair treatment for solar customers. You may also have received information about this study in a recent letter distributed by RMP.

By choosing to take part in this important study, you can help prove that local solar energy systems like yours deliver real benefits to the utility grid. Any solar customer in Utah is eligible to participate, so please share with your solar neighbors!

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