March came in like a lion, and … April did too. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve never seen such a string of big, bold, clean energy wins. These wins are good in and of themselves, but one thing that’s particularly heartening is that it’s happening everywhere.

Check out the major steps taken in Nevada and South Carolina for great examples of how — even in this divided time — Republicans, Democrats and leaders across the political spectrum are joining together to drive renewable energy progress.

Red and blue, rural and urban, people of all races and faiths — support for solar energy is one thing that unites us all. And with people like you, we’re turning that support into real clean energy action. Read on:

Nevada Leads on Clean Energy

Governor Sisolak signed a bipartisan bill into law on Earth Day committing Nevada to 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% carbon-free power by 2050. This exciting clean energy vision was passed UNANIMOUSLY (yes, you read that right) through both the House and Senate!

This bold new commitment means a future where no family will be forced to breathe toxic pollution from power plants in their neighborhood. And instead of spending millions of dollars every year buying out-of-state fossil fuels, Nevada will be investing in local sources like wind and solar that support jobs right here at home.

Vote Solar regional director Jessica Scott has been in the trenches with our tireless partners, and we’re grateful to Governor Sisolak, State Senator Chris Brooks and all of the Nevada lawmakers who worked so hard to speed this important bill across the finish line. But we couldn’t have done it without people like you who are such strong voices for clean energy progress.

Energy Freedom in South Carolina

We rallied with solar workers, conservation voters, conservative coalitions and clean energy leaders from across the state to call for swift passage of the Energy Freedom Act. And thanks to a lot of hard work making the case, the bill sailed through the South Carolina House and its first two votes in the Senate. Like we saw in Nevada, the House approved this bill with a bipartisan, UNANIMOUS vote — reflecting the will of South Carolina voters who overwhelmingly want competitive solar options.

The Energy Freedom Act will extend net metering for two years, clearing the way for more South Carolina families, schools, churches and businesses to go solar and save on their energy bills without needless restrictions, red-tape or high fees. And it also drives more investment in affordable local clean energy infrastructure, which will help lower energy costs for families and businesses and create more good jobs in the state's growing solar workforce. We’re working to pass the bill through the Senate this week. Watch #SolarSC on Twitter for updates.

South Carolinians, tell your Senator to vote YES for energy freedom in South Carolina!

Clean Energy Jobs for Maryland

Thousands of Marylanders are taking action for good clean energy jobs, healthier communities, and a brighter energy future. Together, we succeeded in passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act to increase the amount of renewable energy powering Maryland to 50% by 2030, and there are solar-specific elements to the legislation that we believe will result in 20,000 local solar jobs. The bill will also launch a study to determine pathways for the state to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.

Bipartisan majorities of Maryland voters want more renewable energy powering our communities, and healthier air and water for our children. We’re sending the message to Governor Hogan to sign the bill and put Maryland on the track to a thriving clean energy economy.

Marylanders: Tell Gov. Hogan to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act!

More Solar Opportunity and a 100% Clean Energy Minnesota

When big utilities threatened Minnesota's pioneering community solar program, thousands of Minnesotans said NO to monopoly control of our power — and YES to more solar opportunity for all.

Elected officials listened and passed a bill to put Minnesota on a path to 100% clean energy, and expand opportunities for low-income families and rural communities to participate in the state’s successful community solar program. Now Vote Solar is working to move the Senate to sign on and help build a 100% clean energy economy that’s strong enough to work for every Minnesotan.

Fighting a Power Grab From Idaho Power

Every family, church, school and business should have the right to go solar on their own property if they so choose, and earn fair compensation for the electricity they contribute back to the grid. But Idaho Power Company has made a sudden move to cut off net metering, which would raise utility bills, undermine investments for solar customers, and damage the growing clean economy.

Working with local partners, Vote Solar’s technical expert is urging the Public Utilities Commission to reject this latest attempt by a utility to protect its profits — at the expense of competitive clean energy and consumer choice.

WATCH: Forum on Racial Justice in Solar

This powerful webinar on racial justice in solar is a must-watch. A just transition to 100% means clean energy for ALL. Get data-driven insights and be part of the solution.

Our Access & Equity Director Melanie Santiago-Mosier joined solar leader Jamez Staples, President and CEO of Renewable Energy Partners to dive into the results of a groundbreaking new study by Dr. Deborah Sunter. Hundreds joined this webinar was hosted by our friends at the Sierra Club as part of #SolarEdWeek — a week of solar education across the country.


From the hundreds who joined with tribal leaders to pack the New Mexico state capitol, to the thousands calling for Minnesota to protect and grow its pioneering community solar program… You’re stepping up and turning out in full force. We’re proud of all of you and the role you’re playing in driving the solar revolution.

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