During one of my long days of meetings in Las Vegas last week, a colleague asked me why I work for Vote Solar and not for a private company where I could potentially make more money. My answer was plain and simple: Vote Solar is more than a paycheck for me. It’s about expanding solar access to everyone, regardless of race, class, or home ownership status. I’m working to make sure that everyone has the option of going solar — an opportunity that my family did not have growing up in Del Rey Mobile Home Park in Albuquerque. I’ve come a long way since Del Rey, but I have not forgotten the lessons from my humble roots. Regardless of income or where you live, everyone should be able to breathe clean air, take control of their energy bills, and be part of our nation’s clean energy transition.

As a part of Vote Solar, you are not just transforming our energy future, you’re also empowering entire communities to be an active part of shaping that new future. Will you join me and help build that brighter clean energy future together by making a year-end donation of just $10, $25 or more?

You will keep solar shining in the Interior West in 2019 by…  

  • Raising the bar for states like Nevada to get at least 50% renewable energy by 2030 -- a bold but achievable goal that voters just passed on the ballot and that we plan to get across the finish line in the legislature in 2019
  • Create and support new community solar programs to expand the benefits of solar to all, including low-income families and renters
  • Work across the region to ensure that solar customers are able to go solar if they so choose and are treated fairly for their investment in local clean energy

It can be hard to know where to start when you set out to tackle big problems. One thing you can do right now is make a year-end donation to speed clean energy progress. 


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