2019 is shaping up to be the most important year yet for clean energy in the U.S. Will you speed clean energy progress by making a year-end gift today

Our communities and our planet can’t afford anything less than an urgent transition to clean energy.  The stakes have never been higher than they will be in the year ahead. 

Your gift will be put to work fighting corporate polluters and drive meaningful progress toward a 100% clean energy U.S.A. with solar leading the way. You’ll be empowering families, schools and businesses nationwide to take control of their own energy destiny with solar power, and you’ll be challenging misguided utility proposals to spend billions of dollars keeping us tied to polluting fossil fuel investments when solar and other clean energy options can do the job for less ... all without poisoning our communities and our planet. 

In the decade I’ve worked at Vote Solar, the weight of all that’s at stake has never felt more heavy. Too many families and communities are already feeling the heartbreaking symptoms of our unhealthy addiction to fossil fuels. In my home state of California, two weeks into the historically destructive Camp Fire, my lungs hurt and my heart was heavy as the count of dead and missing kept going up. Elsewhere in the country, families are still recovering from Hurricanes Michael and Florence, widespread flooding across the midwest, and the gas pipeline explosions in Massachusetts, and yet we have a Federal government that lacks the will to act boldly to repower our nation with safe, healthy, job-creating clean energy.

Despite those immense challenges, I’ve also never felt as confident in the power of people like you to keep our country moving forward with solar power, state by state. Success in 2019 means building a future where everyone has clean air to breathe and power to keep the lights on after the next horrific storm. It means making sure families don’t have to choose between paying for electricity or medical bills. And it means leaving a better world for our children and grandchildren. 

One thing you can do right now to build a brighter clean energy future is make a year-end donation of just $10, $25 or more.  

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