When I was a kid growing up in Boston, I struggled with severe asthma attacks. Each time, I would ignore the warning signs, choosing to keep playing with friends or my toys until my parents would put a stop to things once they noticed me turning blue. So when I see Washington ignoring the warning signs of problems like economic inequality and climate change right now, I recognize what they are doing. 

Here in the Northeast, we have some of the biggest economic disparities in the country and have felt the direct impacts of climate change - including more extreme storms and heatwaves - and we cannot afford to join Washington in ignoring these crises.

As part of the Vote Solar team, I spend my days working in state regulatory bodies and talking to policymakers to advocate for the clean energy future we need. And as I learned from my parents, when you stop ignoring your problems and start dealing with your symptoms, progress is possible.

Will you join me and help build a clean energy future in the Northeast and beyond by making a year-end gift of just $10, $25 or more today? 

You are powering bold action in the Northeast to drive solar growth and its economic benefits for everyone. Your gift today will:

  • Jumpstart Gov. Cuomo’s commitment to 100% carbon-free electricity, because we need a speedy and equitable clean energy transition in New York. The Million Solar Strong New York campaign calls on state leaders to commit to building enough solar to power one million homes by 2023, including 100,000 low-income families.
  • Create a local clean energy economy in Massachusetts that is centered around empowering citizens and businesses and investing in local communities. With you by my side, I’m pushing for new policies to accelerate solar growth and create a 21st century energy system.
  • Improve utility and solar regulation to give more customers the option to save on their energy bills and to increase the strength and resilience of our energy system in several states, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont.

It can be hard to know where to start when you tackle a big problem like climate change. I hope you’ll consider taking one important step right now. Join me in this fight for energy progress by making a year-end donation to build a bright, clean-energy powered future. 

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