I’m writing today from the cozy warmth of my home office in Baltimore. But I have clear memories of a very different reality from when I was little. The Utah winters were harsh in my family’s mobile home in Royal Coachman Trailer Park. Sometimes the heat would go out, especially when the snow was high and would block the furnace exhaust. On very cold nights, ice would form on the inside of our back door. 

Back then, I didn’t understand concepts like energy burden and energy equity. But I found my calling a few years ago, and today I’m privileged to be part of Vote Solar’s critical work and I now work every day to address these challenges. Everyday, I work with amazing partners and people like you all across the country to build the policies that lead to clean energy progress for all.  

Solar and clean energy help families save money, provides good local jobs, improves health, and support climate resilience in vulnerable communities.

Will you join me today with a year-end donation? Your support is powering bold action in the Mid-Atlantic to drive solar growth and its economic benefits for everyone: 

  • Raise the bar on the amount of renewable energy powering our states -- a bold but achievable goal that will create jobs, reduce pollution and increase community resilience.
  • Establish new financing programs to help low-income families access and benefit from solar power.
  • Expand community solar options across the country to make sure renters and others who can’t install panels on their own rooftops have the opportunity to go solar and save on their energy bills.

It can be hard to know where to start when you set out to tackle big problems. One thing you can do right now is make a year-end donation to build a bright, clean-energy powered future

As a part of Vote Solar, you are not just transforming our energy future, you’re transforming lives. 

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