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Vote Solar’s Bill Tracker for Arizona State Legislature 2023

The 2023 Arizona State Legislature began with an influx of bills introduced in both the Senate and House. We’ve created a bill tracker to provide a quick overview of the bills we are monitoring closely. While we state if we oppose or support the bill, our position is not an official endorsement and is subject to change. This page is not automatically updated as bills move through the legislature. The date and time of last update is provided. For more information, please email Yara Marin at .

Primary Sponsors Bill Name Vote Solar Position Description
HB2241 Aguilar (D) ELECTRIC VEHICLES; CHARGING; PILOT PROGRAM SUPPORT Appropriates $500,000 for a pilot program administered by the Arizona Department of Administration to conduct a two-year electric vehicle (EV)-ready homes pilot program. It requires new construction to be EV ready.
HB2254 Wilmeth (R) PROPOSED RULEMAKING; REGULATORY COSTS; LEGISLATIVE RATIFICATION OPPOSE If a proposed rule is estimated to increase regulatory costs by more than $500,000 w/in 2 years, or have an adverse affect on economic growth, the proposed rule cannot become effective unless the legislature enacts an act ratifying the rule.
HB2440 Griffin (R) ELECTRIC ENERGY; POWER COMPANIES; PRIOIRITIES OPPOSE States that public power entities must prioritize affordability and reliability when planning for energy infrastructure, ignoring sustainability, carbon emissions, air pollution, and water use.
HB2471 Representative Montenegro(R) GOVERNMENT INVESTMENTS;PLANS; FIDUCIARIES; PRODUCTS OPPOSE Prohibit the State Treasurer from making investment decisions that consider environmental, social, or governance (ESG) goals.
HB2618 Griffin (R) DECOMMISSIONING; SOLAR AND WIND; STANDARDS OPPOSE Imposes onerous siting and decommissioning requirements on wind and solar facilities. We hope to see some amendments to improve this bill, but oppose it in its current form.
SB1255 Kern (R) REGULATORY COSTS;RULEMAKING; RATIFICATION OPPOSE Same as HB2254, but with a $1 million threshold
SB1442 Senator Sundareshan (D) TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION STUDY COMMITTEE SUPPORT Establishes a study committee to collaborate with local governments, electric utilities, environmental groups, the transportation industry and interested communities to identify the best ways to encourage an economy-wide transition from carbon-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles.
SB1443 Senator Sundareshan (D) STATE ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE FLEET SUPPORT Requires the state to prioritize the purchase of zero emissions vehicles.
SB1444 Senator Sundareshan (D) ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES;PLANS SUPPORT Requires the Arizona Department of Transportation in coordination with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Arizona Department of Administration, to develop a “zero emission vehicle” plan designed to increase the number of registered zero emission vehicles in this state, help establish interstate and intrastate zero emission vehicle corridors, and coordinate and increase the installation of zero emission vehicle infrastructure.
SB1500 Senator Carroll(R) GOVERNMENT INVESTMENTS; FIDUCIARIES; PECUINARY BENEFITS OPPOSE Expands on HB2471/SB1139 language to include “boycott of an energy company” as a prohibited factor in state investments, with such a boycott defined as a refusal to do business with a company that engages in any part of the fossil fuel and nuclear energy process from exploration to selling.
SB1501 Senator Carroll(R) ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS OPPOSE This bill limit utilities’ investments in EV charging infrastructure. More charging infrastructure is necessary to support the growth of clean transportation. Allowing some utility investments in charging infrastructure is important because utility coordination of managed EV charging helps to keep grid costs low for all customers.
SB1502 Senator Carroll(R) CORPORATION COMMISSION; ELECTRIC GENERATION RESOURCES OPPOSE This bill reiterates and weakens Arizona’s existing Renewable Portfolio Standard, which is already insufficient to ensure a healthy climate for Arizonans.
SB1612 Senator Kern(R) INVESTMENTS; FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS; STATE TREASURER OPPOSE Authorizes the State Treasurer to cancel any contracts with and prohibits public entities from investing in financial institutions that have ESG policies, including boycotting fossil fuels.
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