Connecticut Shared Solar Bill Gets Strong Support

Solar Graphic

Dozens of Connecticut residents, advocates, and clean energy businesses turned out on Tuesday to urge state lawmakers to approve a new program that would empower thousands of residents and businesses to go solar for the first time. Over 25 individuals, including yours truly, testified in support of HB 5412, An Act Concerning Shared Clean Energy Facilities, at Tuesday’s Public Hearing of the Joint Committee on Energy & Technology.

Solar energy is delivering proven benefits to Connecticut, but the traditional panels-on-your-roof approach to solar simply doesn’t work for a majority of Connecticut energy customers. HB 5412 would allow these customers to instead subscribe to a local solar project and get credit on their utility bills for their portion of the clean power produced. This common-sense policy is especially needed in a state like Connecticut, where many home rooftops are shaded by trees.

The state has seen high interest in “Solarize” residential solar purchasing programs in dozens of communities, but there is always a portion of Solarize workshop participants who leave disappointed that they won’t be able to go solar due to shading or other roof characteristics. Shared clean energy makes solar work for more of Connecticut – and that means more local solar investment, more local solar jobs, and healthier, more resilient communities.

The Energy & Technology Committee is expected to vote on HB 5412 by March 27, and you can be sure we’ll be working hard to make sure the Committee votes solar (get it?) for the benefit of all Connecticut energy customers!

If you live in Connecticut, speak up for this exciting new solar program. For more information on shared solar, visit

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