Leading the way through local solar

Local solar means…

  • Clean air 
  • Community power 
  • Bill savings 
  • Jobs 

Rebuilding our antiquated energy system is essential, and research proves that local solar is the path to getting there. Across the country, we’ve leveraged a state-of-the-art planning tool developed by Vibrant Clean Energy. The tool, called WIS:dom-P, analyzes trillions of data points, including every potential energy resource, and the direct costs and benefits associated with bringing the most cost effective resource mix to the electric grid. 

The findings show that developing 247 GW of local rooftop and community solar and 160 GW of local energy storage is the most cost-effective way for the United States to transition to a clean energy system by 2050. This level of investment in local solar could also: 

  • Save consumers up to $473 billion on electricity 
  • Create more than 2 million local jobs by 2050 ,
  • Usher in an equitable clean energy economy 
Webinar: Why Local Solar for All Costs Less

How states can pave the way to 100% clean energy through distributed local solar:

Solar array


California ratepayers stand to save $120 billion through sustained local solar + storage growth.

Debra and Earl at their Illinois home as rooftop solar is installed - Certasun


In Illinois, deploying and optimizing 8.5 GW of local rooftop and community solar on the grid by 2030 could save both the grid and electricity customers $3.4 billion.

Michigan Solar Celebration


In Michigan, we learned that local clean energy is the key to hitting the state’s goal of being carbon free by 2050.

Grid Workers Community Solar

New York

By accelerating the growth of local solar + storage, New York can save more than $28 billion and add 160,000 local solar jobs by 2050.

The Local Solar for All Coalition is on a mission is to create a safer, more affordable and equitable way to supply power to our communities.

Local Solar For All


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