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Tell Congress: I support national clean energy progress!

Building on what works for states, we’re advocating for a federal framework to deliver an energy system that is clean, local and equitable.

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Vote Solar is bringing our clean energy expertise to Washington.

Vote Solar has engaged in and won countless battles around the future of our energy system at state houses and state regulatory bodies since our founding. Our organization’s focus has been at the state level in large part because that’s where energy policy is predominantly made. State legislatures and state utility regulators make most of the key decisions that shape how solar markets operate and the extent to which our energy system is equitable.

The Biden Administration’s commitment to a 100% clean energy future by 2035 presents a unique opportunity to shape national standards and programs that will help the whole country benefit from the clean energy economy.

We’re working with partners to advance key clean energy policies, drawing on lessons learned and best practices cultivated from our success at the state level. Together, we’ll push the federal government to invest in a more equitable and just society — one that supports job creation, reduces unemployment in underinvested communities and reduces energy burdens for low and moderate income families.

A just energy system that is clean, local and distributed, and equitable: With these three pillars as a guide, the Federal government can maximize the outcomes of its clean energy investments as part of a framework to address the climate crisis, and ensure the benefits go to disadvantaged and frontline communities — including people of color, environmental justice communities, and families facing high energy burdens and unemployment.

By intentionally focusing our investments, we can not only begin to address the systemic racism and inequities of the power sector, but also ensure everyone across the U.S. can afford to live in healthy, comfortable homes on a habitable planet.

Mayane at right with Ann Barudin, touring Picuris Pueblo’s 1MW solar array

Reach 100% clean energy by 2035

The climate crisis requires that we take swift action to a carbon-free energy system. We have the technology, and deploying it would save $1.2 trillion in avoided health and environmental damages.

Debra and Earl at their Illinois home as rooftop solar is installed - Certasun

Achieve 30 million solar households

Bringing solar to 30 million homes through rooftop and community solar, including at least 15 million low to moderate income homes, will ensure underinvested communities benefit from the transition to 100% clean energy.

Rural solar coop

End energy poverty

By proactively targeting our nation’s investments in clean energy to benefit the people who face shut-offs due to unaffordable monthly electric bills, we can reduce the energy burdens of low and moderate income families. Strategic targeting of solar projects could end energy insecurity for thousands if not millions of Americans.

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