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Solar progress means more energy innovation and consumer choices. In fact, solar progress is a classic American success story because it puts power in the hands of the people. With your support, we can bring energy democracy wherever the sun shines.

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Take Action: Every New Yorker Deserves Solar Access

The NY PSC is deciding now how many people will be allowed to participate in the shared solar program, and whether shared solar customers and rooftop solar customers should be treated equally. The answer is simple: everyone deserves the opportunity to reap the full benefits of solar, whether it’s on their roof or around the ...

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Rooftop solar panels installation and jobs

Protect Solar in Ohio

Ohio's once-sunny renewable energy growth has been put on hold due to state law passed in 2014 that undermined the successful renewable energy goals. Now lawmakers are voting on anti-growth bills HB554 and SB320. This would be another step backward on the benefits of a thriving solar economy: local jobs, consumer energy choices, and longterm ...