House Bill 951 Passes North Carolina Legislature

Despite promising carbon reduction goals, energy legislation cedes undue power to utilities

We commend Governor Cooper’s bold vision for ambitious carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, and recognize that their presence in House Bill 951 is the result of the governor’s commitment to a clean energy future for North Carolina. Unfortunately, the bill as a whole erodes critical oversight of powerful utility companies and should not be signed into law. 

The climate crisis and glaring disparities in energy affordability both require urgency and transformational policy. This was an opportunity to craft strong and equitable energy legislation that meets the needs of North Carolina families by requiring utilities to clean up their act and providing resources and programs for our most vulnerable neighbors to avoid energy insecurity. It’s disappointing that both Duke and the legislature failed to rise to the occasion, choosing instead to tip the scales in favor of utility shareholders.

Governor Cooper has demonstrated remarkable political courage in his pursuit of affordable and practical renewable energy solutions for North Carolina. I hope he recognizes House Bill 951’s significant shortcomings and chooses to veto in favor of a re-written bill that holds utilities accountable and protects families in the Carolinas. 

While this legislation is a setback, we remain committed to our vision of a resilient and equitable clean energy future for North Carolina. We look forward to continued work with our partners and allies to realize a clean, 100% renewable energy vision for North Carolina. 

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