Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I’m Catherine Zingg, proud citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation and Vote Solar’s Director of Indigenous Partnerships. Today, I’m offering a message as many people across the nation celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. For me, this is a time to honor the rich and diverse histories, languages, and cultures of Tribal Nations. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect on our shared responsibility to protect this earth and its resources.

Indigenous Peoples have always and will always be stewards of the land, and their ways of life offer ingenuity and creativity. They have, since time immemorial, protected our land, air, and water, and they continue to be leaders in addressing the urgent environmental challenges of our time.

At Vote Solar, we are deeply committed to supporting Indigenous self-determination and meaningful engagement with Tribal communities. Tribal Nations have a critical role to play in shaping a clean energy future that prioritizes health, wellbeing, economic development, energy sovereignty, and environmental stewardship.

Today, I’m excited to spend the day with my colleague, Kate Bowman, at Indigenous Peoples’ Day Phx Fest in Phoenix, Arizona — a joyful celebration of Indigenous cultures, customs, languages, and people. What better way to celebrate than to spend the day discussing the future of solar for Tribes in Arizona, seeking input from the community about how they view their energy future, and building meaningful connections? We’re excited to share event photos, videos, and reflections with all of you. Stay tuned! 

I invite you to take a moment today to learn more about the over 576 Indigenous cultures and histories that span across this country, as well as the unique challenges they face in the energy transition. I hope that the educational resources below serve as a building block of what should be a lifetime of learning for all non-Indigenous people: 

At Vote Solar, we firmly believe in the need to center BIPOC voices, stories, and communities as we work to create a future where clean energy is accessible, equitable, and sustainable for all. Thank you for your continued support of Vote Solar and our shared mission to promote clean energy solutions that benefit all communities.

Here’s to honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It’s a good day to be Indigenous!

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