More Solar Coming To California

Large field of solar panels

Over the past few days, Southern California Edison submitted 857 MW worth of new solar PV contracts to the the California Public Utilities Commission for approval (see advice letters 3119-E3121-E, and 3120-E)

[EDITED: The day after posting, SCE filed an additional 3 contracts for approval — advice letters 3124-E3125-E, and 3126-E — totaling an additional 474 MW.  That’s a total of 1331 MW over 2 days.  Good times!]

On October 16, 2014, the CPUC approved a 100 MW solar contract for Pacific Gas and Electric.

And Sonoma Clean Power, a community choice aggregator, announced that it will be exceeding 33% renewables after signing several new contracts, including another 20 MW of solar (bringing their total solar procurement to 70 MW).

We have the technology.  All we need to do is use it.

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