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Recent press releases: 

Vote Solar, SEIA Applaud New York’s Bold Solar Initiatives – 1/8/14

30,000 Coloradans Petition Xcel to Withdraw Anti-Solar Proposal – 12/11/13

Freeing the Grid 2013: States Receive 2013 Report Card on Key Consumer Clean Energy Policies – 10/23/13

Report: Expanded Solar Development Would Save North Carolina Ratepayers $26 M Annually – 10/22/13

New Report: Leading U.S. Companies Make Big Investments in Solar Energy – 10/15/13

DC Approves Community Renewables Program, Allows Renters to Go Solar – 10/1/13

PACE Financing Advocates Applaud California Governor Brown’s Leadership – 9/25/13

Advocates Commend NY Leaders for Extending LIPA Solar Program – 9/17/13

Solar Energy Shines in California’s 2013 Legislative Session – 9/12/13

Study: Colorado Solar Customers Deliver $11 M in Annual Benefits to Xcel Energy Grid – 9/9/13

Tracking the Sun Report: Solar Costs Continue to Fall as Deployment Climbs – 8/14/13

Advocates Urge Colorado Regulators to Reject Xcel Energy’s Anti-Rooftop Solar Proposal – 7/30/13

Time Runs Out for Landmark Solar Legislation In New York – 6/25/13

Vote Solar Launches Beta Site to Cut Permitting Red Tape for Rooftop Solar  – 6/5/13

NY State Senate Passes Major Solar Energy Bill in Earth Day Vote – 4/23/13

California Shines in First Comprehensive Solar Job Census for All 50 States – 4/18/13

Report: CA Shared Renewables Legislation Would Boost Jobs, Economy – 4/11/13

Gov. Cuomo’s NY-Sun Competitive PV Program Off to a Bright Start – 3/28/13

Vote Solar Launches Website to Track “Shared Renewables” Progress – 3/21/13

Successful California Solar Initiative Rebate Program Nearly Complete – 2/27/13

Study: Solar Net Metering to Provide  $92M in Benefits to California Ratepayers, Grid – 1/15/13

National Lab Report: Cost of Solar Energy Continues Significant Decline – 11/27/12

Research: Top 20 Commercial Solar Users in the U.S. Includes Iconic American Brands – 9/12/12

Poll: Angelenos Overwhelmingly Support More Local Solar Power – 5/3/12

Philadelphia Labor, Businesses, City Officials Ask PA Lawmakers to Get Solar Job Growth Back on Track – 4/4/12