100% Clean Energy Rules Stall in Arizona

Vote Solar has been working with climate and community advocates for over a year to push the Arizona Corporation Commission to adopt a new renewable energy standard for the state. Working with over 30 like-minded groups, we were even able to submit a proposal to the Commission for these new standards which called for greater protections of rooftop solar energy, clear interim targets, and funding for a just transition.

All of us were extremely hopeful we could witness the Commission pass an historic energy standard at the end of July and celebrate this tremendous victory with you all. Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate, yet.

Once again, the Commission demonstrated its inability to lead. No sooner had the debate opened on the new energy rules before Commissioners could not even agree on a process, let alone a policy to move forward. With no consensus to speak of, the Commission adjourned the meeting without scheduled follow up.

It goes without saying this development is disheartening. There was a real possibility of establishing a policy that would jumpstart energy savings, reduce health-harming pollution and combat the climate crisis. But we want you to know we’re not giving up on this fight.

We will continue to stand and fight for these standards with an eye toward justice and always improving energy freedom in Arizona. We are currently working to create a path forward. With your support, we will continue to advocate unequivocally for renewable energy standards that will secure a 100% clean energy future for all Arizonans.

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