Vote Solar is dedicated to repowering the U.S. with clean energy by making solar power more accessible and affordable to all. We do this work through effective policy advocacy and regulatory efforts, with a focus on solar access and equity.

A transition to clean energy has the power to address some of the most critical economic, social and environmental challenges facing our nation. Solar energy is ready to help speed that transition. It is our fastest growing electricity source, but we have still just scratched the surface of our vast solar potential.

State of play:

Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy, but we’ve long been dependent on a centralized energy system and entrenched fossil interests that have proven resistant to move toward clean energy. Affordable solar power is changing all that. Massive solar cost declines are driving a rooftop revolution that has put consumers in the clean energy driver’s seat. This paradigm shift is bringing tremendous opportunity to drive monumental positive change in our energy system, but it’s also sparked a backlash from traditional power players.

Fossil interests are pouring massive resources into undermining our states’ solar policy pillars and stalling continued clean energy progress. They may have money and lobbyists, but we have proven that we can win these fights with the facts and the power of the people on our side.

In the 15 years since Vote Solar was founded, our team has been at the forefront of U.S. solar policy progress — and we could use your help. Get involved by joining Vote Solar and get action alerts delivered to your inbox. Make a donation. Find us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Most importantly: let your policymakers know that you support solar progress.