Advocating for a more inclusive federal ITC tax credit for rooftop solar savings

This year, we’ve taken our expertise at state climate and energy policy to the federal level, advocating tirelessly for transformative climate legislation and inclusion of low-income families in the clean energy transition through updates to the federal ITC tax credit.

Together with coalition partners, we’re keeping up the fight to make the federal ITC tax credit, a critical rooftop solar incentive, more inclusive in three ways:

  • Direct Pay: The ITC helps families save on the investment of going solar, but it only applies to households that pay enough federal taxes to qualify for a tax break. A direct pay option for the residential tax credit will reduce inequities and allow low to moderate income families to take full advantage of ITC savings.
  • Access for non-profit organizations: Make the ITC available to non-taxable entities like non-profit organizations, cities, and tribes. This change will support solar ownership for community-serving organizations and benefit neighborhoods across the country.
  • Bonus for solar benefiting low-income renters: Incentivizing solar projects that directly benefit low-income residents of multifamily housing will help to balance out the inequitable deployment of solar we’ve seen so far.

Learn more about our federal policy platform and check out our policy reports with the Solar Access for All Coalition.

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