APS Attempts to Reduce Solar Energy Goals in Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon

UPDATE: (2/6) – At today’s ACC meeting, the Commissioners unanimously voted NOT to approve APS’s proposal to eliminate the DG carve-out. Within the “Findings of Fact” issues by the ACC, the Commission firmly reiterated their intent to maintain the 15% clean energy goal in the state! Thank you to all our members who took action on this issue.

Original post:

Arizona’s largest investor owned utility, APS, is up to more anti-solar, anti-consumer shenanigans.

APS just filed a proposal at the Arizona Corporation Commissioners (ACC) to eliminate the requirement to diversify their energy supply with small-scale solar projects. APS is required to generate 15% of its power from renewable energy by 2025 with 4.5% of that 15% coming from small-scale distributed resources – primarily rooftop solar. The utility’s proposal would eliminate this distributed generation requirement and cut the utility’s overall renewable requirement to 10.5% – leaving Arizona with one of the weakest clean energy goals in the West.

The ACC is set to discuss APS’ proposed clean energy rollback tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 7th) at 10 am in the Corporation Commission hearing room.

If you live in Arizona, can you help us stop this latest utility power grab? Either click below to send an email or show up in person tomorrow at 10AM at 1200 W. Washington St., Phoenix AZ 85007.

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