California Has the Chance to Make History

Installing solar panels

California has the chance to do something really extraordinary.

State lawmakers are considering a historic commitment to raise California’s renewable energy goal to 50% by 2030 (SB 350, de Leon & Leno).

Think about it: over half of the state’s energy from zero-emission renewable resources like wind and solar.  Just a few years ago, that would have seemed like a hippie pipe dream. But we are making great progress: costs have plummeted, innovations are blossoming, and the clean energy utopia, where pollution is a thing of the past and the climate threat is under control, is within reach.

But we really need your help. The fossil fuel lobby money is pulling out all the stops to fight progress and maintain its stranglehold on energy in our state. You gonna let their dirty dollars beat your hopes and dreams for a clean energy future?

I didn’t think so. If you live in California, let your elected officials know that now is the time to keep  investing in renewable energy, improve health and well-being in our communities, and win this battle for change once and for all.

Solar is democracy, and the fossil lobby is trying to undercut both. Take action now or no complaining later.

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