Colorado passes energy justice and solar legislation

The 2021 Colorado state legislative session ended with big wins for energy justice and solar a few weeks ago. Thanks to the many Vote Solar members who contacted their state legislators to help make these wins possible!

Here are our highlights:

  • SB21-272: Modernizing the Public Utilities Commission will shift the focus on the PUC to improve equity and drive equitable investment in disproportionately impacted communities when the commission adopts any rule. The new law also directs the commission to include the social cost of carbon when considering utilities’ energy resource plans.
  • HB21-1266: Environmental Justice for Disproportionately Impacted Communities advances equity by defining “disproportionately impact communities” in Colorado and creates the Environmental Justice Action Task Force to advise the general assembly on addressing environmental injustices. 
  • HB21-1284 Limiting Fees to Install Solar provides business and homeowners transparent, fair and consistent permitting costs across the state, maxing out at $500 for residential permits and $1,000 for commercial.
  • SB21-20 Tax Breaks for Storage allows storage to qualify for the same property tax benefits as other renewables. 

But the work for a clean energy future is never over. One key bill that did not pass this session, SB21-200, aimed to address the immediate harm of greenhouse gas pollution and codify the state’s climate goals. We’ll keep working toward a clean energy future that addresses the harm of fossil fuels and builds a brighter, more accessible and more inclusive future for all Coloradans.

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