Community solar could bring 3,760 jobs and $517+ million in economic investment to New Mexico

New Mexico’s 2021 legislative session just kicked-off at the Roundhouse and we’re excited to be supporting community solar legislation to help make solar accessible to all New Mexicans.

Community solar is local, shared solar that allows anyone with an electric bill to save with solar through a subscription. This includes renters, home-owners, businesses, schools, nonprofits and Tribal Nations and community members, 

Community solar is a proven model for generating and distributing clean, affordable energy that is already enacted in 20 states and the District of Columbia. With enabling legislation, New Mexicans can also attain the benefits of community solar.  

In addition to benefiting individual households, community solar benefits our communities. A new study conducted by the University of New Mexico Bureau of Business & Economic Research (BBER) found that the construction and operation of new community solar facilities could generate an estimated $517 million in economic benefits and support more than 3,760 high-quality jobs in various sectors across New Mexico over the next five years.

As we continue to suffer the financial losses caused by the pandemic, local, clean energy is the type of win-win we can’t ignore.

The community solar bill has its first hearing this Thursday before the Senate Conservation Committee! Send a letter to your legislators in the Roundhouse to let them know you support community solar. 

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