Declaring Energy Independence in North Carolina

Solar particles backlight the American flag

This 4th of July, North Carolinians are taking to the internet to declare energy independence.

Most Americans who go solar today do so through third-party financing options that remove the upfront cost. North Carolina is one of just a handful of states with outdated laws that prevent consumers from taking advantage of these same options. And that number keeps getting smaller. Earlier this year, lawmakers in neighboring Georgia unanimously approved bringing third-party financing to its consumers. Now North Carolinians say it’s time to bring those same energy options to the Tar Heel State and put families, schools, churches, businesses, military bases, and local governments in greater control of their own power needs.

This commonsense policy has overwhelming support regardless of political orientation. According to a recent poll from Conservatives for Clean Energy: 3 out of 4 Republicans and Democrats alike support third-party energy sales for NC. And that broad support is reflected in the groups that are celebrating Energy Independence Day: conservative, environmental and industry organizations are all calling for #NCEnergyFreedom. Add your support here:

The national holiday is an apt time to be calling for solar progress. Solar brings much-needed democracy our energy system by putting people in control of their own power like never before. It harnesses homegrown sunshine to build a stronger, safer, less polluting and more resilient energy system. It really is a classic American success story for today: ingenuity and entrepreneurship are creating local economic opportunity and revolutionizing our outdated approach to electricity.

In other words, solar is as American as apple pie on the 4th of July. So here’s to solar freedom in North Carolina and all 50 states!

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