Energy regulators must protect solar jobs in Georgia

In 2020, Georgia Power launched a monthly ‘net metering’ pilot program that fairly compensates rooftop solar customers for excess electricity produced by their solar systems. The program has allowed Georgia families to reap the benefits of affordable rooftop solar, while also bringing jobs and economic growth to the Peach State.

Unfortunately, the program’s 5,000 household limit was recently met, and new customers are being turned away. An abrupt end to the monthly netting pilot program could cost Georgia good-paying jobs, while limiting the opportunity for Georgia families to choose solar.

Residential solar has brought economic development and good-paying jobs to the Peach State. Currently, Georgia is home to 200 solar companies with over 5,000 employees. Additionally, Georgia has already seen more than $3.7 billion in investments from the solar industry. We cannot risk this progress and stifle further growth by ending the monthly netting pilot.

The popularity and success of the pilot program makes it clear that Georgians want the energy freedom, economic development, and job growth that residential solar provides. The Public Service Commission has the authority to protect Georgia’s solar job market and economic recovery by extending the successful program with no cap.

The PSC must take action to expand and protect our residential solar industry. Email the commission now and urge them to lift the monthly netting cap. 

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