Florida Power & Light Plans to Keep Community Solar Out of Reach for Two Million Floridians

Every Floridian should have the right to produce their own clean energy. At Vote Solar, we’re fighting for affordable, resilient clean energy for ALL in the Sunshine State — where renters and families in need of relief from high energy bills can save with solar. But Florida Power & Light wants to charge a premium for seven years for plugging into community solar.

That’s right: seven years of paying higher energy bills if you choose to participate. Solar should make energy bills go DOWN, not up!

Floridians: If you agree with me, speak up now for the future of community solar in our state!

This month, the Southeast faced the destructive and deadly impacts of Hurricane Dorian. As the climate crisis drives more and more extreme weather, it’s more important than ever to speed our transition to clean energy — without leaving anyone behind.

We’re already powering over 10,000 good local jobs here in the Sunshine State with solar, and helping families save on their energy bills. But many Florida families and businesses rent or can’t afford their own panels, and can’t go solar today. That’s why we need community solar for all — the opportunity for Floridians to join a local solar project and share the electricity and cost-saving benefits.

But Florida Power & Light is proposing a program where customers who opt in to community solar must pay a premium for seven years before they are able to capture solar savings, putting solar out of reach for many of the more than 2 million FPL residential customers who suffer with higher-than-average energy burdens, and the 1.4 million customers who live in energy poverty.

FPL tried to quietly slip their proposal through without public attention. But this summer, our members flooded regulators with letters, speaking up for the right of Florida families to decide their own energy future.

The regulators listened. And thanks to our members and many Floridians who spoke up, they’re going to hold public hearings on October 15th and 16th where Floridians can speak up for solar savings.

We’ve called on the energy commission to ensure that FPL makes community solar affordable to low-income families, and we’ll continue to fight for all Floridians.

Floridians: Your energy regulators are evaluating FPL’s SolarTogether program and they need to hear from you. Speak up for local solar and a resilient Sunshine State! Take 2 minutes to tell energy regulators why YOU believe in more solar for all.

If you’re a Florida resident who wants to join the public hearings and share your solar story: First, please take 2 minutes to add your name and tell your Florida regulators why solar for all matters to you. Then reach out to me at katie@votesolar.org.

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