Gov. Pritzker Commits to Clean Energy Jobs Act

Governor Pritzker heard you.

When over 500 Illinois residents woke up early to ride buses from every corner of the state to meet with their representatives about renewable energy in Illinois, he heard you.

When thousands of Vote Solar members signed a petition asking him to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), he heard you. And when business leaders gathered in Chicago to learn how CEJA can help grow and diversify the clean energy workforce, he took note.

100 percent Clean Energy for Illinois

Thank Governor Pritzker for committing to take up the Clean Energy Jobs Act in January! The Governor and his staff are active on Twitter. A quick tweet will have a big impact on them to keep us moving forward on clean energy.

CEJA is a bold but achievable plan to get Illinois to 100% renewable energy. The bill would put more of our local renewable energy resources to work for Illinois, creating more jobs, reducing harmful pollution, and building a healthier and brighter future for our children.

At a public event on November 8 a reporter asked the Governor about the future of CEJA. Gov. Pritzker was direct and he was clear, he’ll take up the Clean Energy Jobs Act in January.

Right now, we need to let Gov. Pritzker know we heard him, we support him, and we’ll hold him accountable if he backs down.

Your voice makes a difference, and set us on the path to victory. Help push the Clean Energy Jobs Act across the finish line and make Illinois a leader in inclusive, clean energy. Say thanks today.

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